Monday, May 10, 2010

A weekend away!

We finally plucked up enough courage to grab a bus and go away for a weekend, and man was it worth it!

We started off by going to Nami Island, so beautiful, but I forgot my camera (boo). Oliver has amazing pics though and I am sure he will put them up soon!

As for the rest of the was soooooo cool!

Below is everyone who was there. What a blast!!!

However, the boys outdid themselves on SoJu and passed out early. Myself and Chrissie took it upon ourselves to draw on their faces and take amusing pics of them!! Loads of fun.

Let's just say the next morning was not pretty but what better way to sort out a barbie than to have some amazing korean food. Mmmmmm!

We finished off a glorious weekend by going quad-biking. It was my first time....what a rush!!

Oli has super cool photos of the weekend...mine are just to wet your lips!
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Lars said...

Looooook sooooo Fun n them "blue blockers" look very effective :)

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