Food Gallery

Kimchi on the grill

Noodles covered ina  tastey black sauce

Hite, a local beer

Waffles and coffee at a local hangout


 Yummy street food!

Dakgalbi, cheese and potato about to be cooked into awesomeness!

Koreans love waffles!

Kimchi, Korea's national dish

Pepero for Pepero Day

Some delicious snacks at the Andong Mask Dance Festival

Jajangmyeon: Noodles served with a thick and delicious sauce

It was so good we only took a photo once we were halfway done.
Duck meat served with an array of vegetables and sidedishes

The awesomeness that is Shabu Shabu

Crackers, cheese and wine at an open air lounge in Seoul

A delicious western breakfast in Seoul

Dwaegi galbi Jjim (steamed pork rib in an unbelieveable sauce served with several side dishes)

Haemul Tok Pok Ki (seafood and rice cakes covered in thick melted cheese)

Street Food....Hmmmmm

Samgak on the go!

Soju, a watered down type vodka which is drunk by the shot...aka, a hangover in a bottle!

Kimchi, fermented vegetables. It is most commonly cabbage kimchi

Rich Rich Chicken. Tastey, sticky chicken! Yummmmmmy

Dakgalbi before it's cooked! A healthy, delicious meal with chicken and vegetables

The rice mix which is cooked in the oily dakgalbi pan.

Served in bars and some resturaunts, these small snacks are addictive!

A great but extremely HOT seafood dish served at Jokki Jokki

A seafood mix before being thrown into a boiling broth

Vegetables going into the same boiling broth...Mmmm

Me, trying my hand at making gimbap. I did a good job!

This is like a chicken and vegetable casserole! Super good!

Bone soup! Which is suprisingly good and I imagine to be even better in winter

                Dr You is a brand which sells good tasting sweet stuff which is apparently good for you! All the calories, none of the guilt
A cold noodle mix known as bibim naengmyeon. Good in the summer time, or anytime really!

Chicken, pork, gizzards, and tok on the grill! I recommend this to everyone who eats meat!


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