People Gallery


A lady

The taxi driver

What a catch!


Happy kid with our project

Guarding the 38th Parallel, DMZ and JSA

 DMZ tourguide Lee


A happy US Air Force pilot

A beautiful woman

Step back

At work

A young performer at the Andong Mask Dance Festival

A boy being drawn

Playing with bubbles

Gorgeous girl posing for a photo

Old school!

More bubbles

Young performers

A man making Udong

Old man resting at a bus terminal

KBS Crew at the Gimje Horizon Festival

A little rest at Everland

A man making traditional Korean Paper (Hanji) at the Hanji Festival

Rocking out at the Seoul Fringe Festival

Old man, taking a break

2 girls walking at the Seoul Fringe Festival

Ajumma (old lady) with fish at the Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan

Leader of the water fighting army!


A proud patriot at the South Africa braai

A small piece of South Africa in Korea as a man blows his Vuvuzela

Two men play around at the Jumong drama set

A confused looking monk on a street in Seoul during the Lotus Lantern Festival

A monk illustrates his unwavering concentration

Spectators at the Lotus Lantern Festival

A beautiful little girl looks on at the parade at the Lotus Lantern Festival

A woman walks in isolation at the Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul.

An official keeps a watchful eye during the Lotus Lantern Festival

A monk bows at the Jogyesa Temple to celebrate Buddha's Birthday

A man participating in the Lotus Lantern Parade

A young girl

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