Thursday, June 17, 2010

Drama Drama Drama

Many of you may not know this but Korea has a thriving drama industry! They make many movies and produce several of their own drama series!

Although Oliver and I have been unable to watch the programs, due to obvious language barriers, from what we have heard the dramas are often exciting and compelling!

Not too long ago my director and his family took Oliver and I out for a day excursion. We went to Guinsa temple (one of the biggest temples in South Korea), the Chungpung Cultural Assets Housing, and a drama set. We visited the drama set of Jumong which has a beautiful location in the mountains. The place was swarming with visitors and it was easy to understand why.

Oliver got a great photo of two locals trying their best to be like the fighting heroes in the drama.
The place was so beautiful that you are almost fooled into believing that it is a place of majesty or spirtuality not merely a drama set! The sets are huge and it takes a good hour to walk around and enjoy the sights!
You can also go for a walk through some caves, which are very cramped but fun nonetheless and view one or two art exhibitions! All in all it is a good place to go for a day trip!
Here is an image of what the movie set looked like from the outside!
And here is a shot of one of the inner courtyards

To view more images of the movie set and other great sights in South Korea please visit the places of interest gallery.

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Robert said...

Claudia if you want to watch any korean drama or movie go to they have a hufge range of korean, japanese, chinese and phillipinese (?) dramas and movies all with english subtitles, I recommend watching the case of the iteawon homicide (good movie) :)

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