Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When in Rome...make rice

According to the old saying when in Rome you should do as the Romans do! Well, we have been applying this same logic in Korea: When in Korea, do as the Koreans do!

One thing Koreans do really well is make rice. I mean it's what rice dreams are made of! Sticky and gorgeous! Dare I say that Koreans have perfected the art of rice making.

How you might ask? Well, its with a nifty gadget called a Rice Cooker.

In South Africa people love their coffee, you can get a super expensive coffee maker and enjoy the luxury of a good cup of java in your own home or you can buy an ordinary coffee machine and have a cup of coffee that is still pretty amazing but doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. Well, it's the same thing in Korea, with Rice Cookers.

When Oli and I went shopping for our Rice Cooker, we were blown away by how advanced some of them are. They had enough buttons to confuse you (some with like 30), others where the size of microwaves, and looked really slick and important...and let me tell you they carried a price tag to match!

We opted for an ordinary Rice Cooker, it is compact and cherry red...and yes, it makes amazing rice! It has only one button, the on/off button! Thank heavens, because it came with a Korean instruction manual that we couldn't decifer if we tried!

When I showed my director's wife a photo of our Rice Cooker, she described it as "cute" so I don't think it matches to the awesomness of some Rice Cookers but we don't care...we love it!

How it clean the rice, throw it into the machine, add some water, and leave! Easy peasy!

The funny white spatula thing next to the Rice Cooker is a Rice use it to dish up and mix your rice! Yes, rice is an art!

Now we can make amazing dishes at home! How awesome!

So Oliver and I are very proud to own our very first Rice Cooker.

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