Random Gallery

Go fishing...

Lighting up

Beanclub decor

Banking dog

Green for go

Roller at Walker Hill

Art installation

 Awesome little guys

Awesome statue

Glass bottles

The materials

Umbrella at Nami


Newspaper lined fireplace

Our rainbow project

Dodge Challenger

Small feet

Party vibe

Just stairs

Autumn leaves

 Beautiful flowers


Pretty flower

 Reaching out


 Beautiful Korean sky

Life and death

Tree of life (Hahoe Village)


Gambling station

street corner


Just a wall

B/W tree

Hopes and wishes

stone on stone

Mushroom farm

 Early morning calm

Telephone line

Stone hallway


Fish Diptych

Bulguksa Temple: door detail


Beautiful tree

Bamboo display at the Gyeongju National Museum

Beautiful gifts at Bulguksa Temple

Long kite string at the Gimje Horizon Festival


Some of the awesome animals at Everland

A peaceful moment

Taking a photo of Hanji dolls at the Hanji Festival

 Giant sunflower
Metro mission

A busy bus ride

An empty Seoul subway

A packed Seoul subway

A butt on a lonely street

Going down!

Look at that

Girls enjoying the city atmosphere

A row of boats in the Busan Harbour

Fishing hooks at the Busan harbour

A stairway of dreams

A hidden message

Flowers, rocks and light

A beautiful ceiling inside a buddhist palace


Small stones are made into piles as gifts for Buddha on his birthday.

A man walking in the streets of Seoul with bird cages

A spectator filming at the Lotus Lantern Festival

Kids playing in a fountain

A back alley in Seoul

Through the window of Dunkin Doughnuts

Post by Oliver Hirtenfelder


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