Signs, Pictures and Monuments Gallery

Kraken, local drinking hole

I'm sorry

Seoul not Turkey

Copy Cats

Cross and Sky


 Dorasan Station, one day

 Dorasan Station, optimism embodied

Freedom bridge and messages to loved ones

 No photo line at Yeolseo Observatory

Signs from inside a US Air Force base in Gunsan during Pantoberfest

A monument at Gangwondo University


A marker at Hahoe Village in Andong

Enema: a 30 year tradition. Huh?


A bathtub inscription at Gyeongju National Museum

Lockers at Everland

Paper artwork at the Hanji Festival

Circus wall

Need I say more


You are Giant

If a tiger and a rabbit where to ever get it on

Random graffiti

A wooden Indian to greet you

Copyright Oliver Hirtenfelder


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