Sunday, June 13, 2010

A kicker of a weekend

This week, as I'm sure you can imagine, Oliver and I were both incredibly homesick. With the kick off of the Soccer World Cup we really wished we could be back in SA watching our country shine!!

Instead...we made every effort to ensure that we got into the soccer fever. I made a couple of attempts on facebook to find other South African teachers who would hopefully be watching the opening ceremony but nothing came of that. So Oliver and I decided to go off to a local sports bar.

Alas, we were the only two souls in the entire place!!! Bummer!! So dressed to the nines in our South African gear we headed across Wonju to the sports grounds...but soccer fever!!! URG! Then we went to a bar which we had heard was popular with foreigners but it was closed. By now we were both getting upset and weren't too sure where to go.

It was in this moment of despair that we stumbled upon a group of foreigners (more commonly refered to as waygooks) chilling outside a GS Mart (similar to a Seven Eleven). A crowd had gathered on the pavement to watch the opening ceremony on GS Mart's big screen TV. So naturally we aquianted ourselves with the waygooks and the night got better and better from there.

We were the only South Africans in the crowd but we stood proud and sang our national anthem on a pavement in was a great moment!

Then we all headed to a local sports bar....suprise was the one we were at earlier on in the evening....and there were more waygooks....the atmosphere was definately picking up!

Oh...I almost forgot..Tshabalala you are made got the first goal of our world cup!! And it was a beauty!!! played so so well!!

Oliver watches the game with sheer determination....

Oh and did I mention we got drunk...very very drunk! Check out the clip below where we try our best to sing the World Cup's official song.

On Saturday it was out of our gold and into red. Despite our monumental hangovers we made our way to Seoul to watch South Korea against Greece. What a cracker! We were surrounded by thousands of people at City Hall in Seoul... the vibe was electric!

It was raining but that didn't dampen the spirits of the locals!!!!

Korean chant

Another korean chant

lead up to the winning moment!

And you know what the best part is...there are three more weeks of soccer madness ahead of us!!!

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