Sunday, June 27, 2010

Drinking at your local convenience store

Drinking at your local convenience store is not something I am used to doing.

Convenience stores are a good place to get cereal, milk and other items that you forgot when you went on your weekly shop. Well, in Korea convinence stores are often also great places to meet up with mates.

So you buy a beer from inside, grab a plastic chair, sit at a plastic table and drink out of a paper cup. For many this wouln't sound like a great spot to spend a Friday night, but it is!

It is super hot in Korea at the moment and the open air is glorious. The beer is cheap and many people seems to gather outside these convinence stores so there is an atmosphere quite unlike anything I have encountered before. It is relaxed and energetic at the same time!

Lately what has made some convinence stores even more appealing is that that they have been airing the soccer world cup on big screen TVs. It is for this reason that the local Family Mart has become our favourite.

Because convenience stores are open 24hours we never have to miss a soccer game! What's more is if the soccer game was inspiring you and your friends can play some ball yourselves.

And if the game wasn't can drink!!!

So if you are stranded and in Korea and not sure where there is a god place to hang out! Go to your local convenience may be pleasantly suprised!
Post by Claudia


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