Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Asian Glow

Last weekend, our new friend Grace (left) was kind enough to illustrate what the asian glow is.

Never heard the term before? Well, aparently when Koreans drink they go red....really red! I thought everyone did! But that is not the case.

In essence Koreans will go red a lot faster after having an alcoholic beverage because they are alergic, their bodies simply cannot digest alcohol as fast as your average westerner because they are missing an enzyme of sorts!

Boy, I am happy I have that enzyme. As is I go red when I drink...I think without this precious enzyme I might look something like a red panda.

Grace may have been a bad example as she isn't as red as she thought but this entry made for a good excuse to put a pic up of her.

Just remember the next time you see a Korean that is glowing...chances are they are drunk or well on the way! That's probably why this guy is so excited!

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