Wednesday, January 19, 2011

King Kong

Today was a good day!!!!

Very good indeed!

Except for the fact that as each day goes by I am getting more and more sad that I will being saying goodbye to my kids!

I am nervous that the next teacher will undo the teaching I have done.....and most of all I am sad that I won't get to act like a complete idiot and have people think that it is awesome!!!

Today, with my eldest class (14 year olds), we played a game that involved shooting people. On shouting shoot you point your hands at two different people, whoever has been shot the most has to do a dare!

I was a great mastermind and managed to get two girls to act and sound like elephants for ten seconds. Despite being red in the face they were also rigged with laughter!

Eventually all the shots were pointed at me and it was time that I endured some of my own medicine.

I was told to act like King Kong for 20 seconds. I was instructed that I had to make sounds and do actions.

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So I did.....Fists pounding away at my chest I began making some unsightly sounds and ran around the classroom like a crazy person. I teased the girls and as I was hoping towards the boys, fists punching wildly, they got up and started running.

What followed was a frenzy of laughter and craziness. We ran around the classroom for a bit with the boys constantly crashing into each other like drunk drivers before I climbed onto the table and did a final King Kong drum-roll on my chest!

I then said goodbye, and chased them to the front door!!!

Oh, how I will miss for being loved for being an idiot!

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