Thursday, April 14, 2011

Valentine's, Black Day!


Everyone of us knows Valentine's Day. It's a day on which big companies and corporations get to make lots and lots and lots of money. Or is it a day on which starcrossed lovers get to express their undying devotion for one another by showering the loved one in a hailstorm of gifts and goodies? Either way, we know what it is. Here in Korea it is very similar, the big difference being that the 'showerer' is the girl, and the 'showeree' is the guy, in layman's terms, the girl gives the guy gifts.

Exactly one month after the abovementioned day comes White Day, which I have talked about in a previous entry. Read it to get up to speed if you must. Very basically it's the reverse of Valentine' the guy gives the girl the gifts.

Here is now the final part of this amazing trilogy, and it has been given the oh-so beautiful name of Black Day. In Korea there is no issue giving a day this name, but I am quite certain that in other parts of the world, the name might not go down quite so well.

Either way, this is the crux of the matter: On Valentine's, girl gives guy gifts, on White Day, guy gives girl gifts, and on Black Day all of the singles that were not able to celebrate either of these two joyous days sit down and eat noodles. Noodles? So why 'black'?
Well, the noodles that are eaten are called Jajang Myeon, and they are thick wheat noodles that are topped with a black soy-bean sauce. They are delicious as all hell, and make the perfect accompaniment to any day of depression.

So this is what depressed single people should be eating?


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