Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Arrival in Korea

Our super small temporary apartment

After 21 hours of flying I was not a pretty sight (only 3 more hours of bus travel to go)

On our way to the airport we sat in the car surprisingly quite. I'm not too sure what was on Oliver's mind. But I for one was stressed about our luggage. When flying with Emirates you are given 30Kg (Thank heavens, if it was only 20 I may have resorted to bring only underwear). After going through the stressful process of getting everything checked in, getting a customs slip for all of Oliver's photography equipment it was time to walk through the gates. Phew ... this is it .... a whole new world on our door step.

Well not quite, we had one hell of a journey ahead of us! We flew for seven and a half hours to get to Dubai, but all we did was watch movies. Emirates is amazing ... Then it was a three hour stop over in Dubai. We were all set for the next leg of our journey before we discovered that there was an hour delay. Bummer. Eventually we were back in the air. After eight hours we were in Korea. Yeah!

If I were to explain Korea to any of my friends back home it would be DIFFERENT, very very DIFFERENT. At this point in the game, when our Korean is some what sketchy (or should I say non-existent), sign language, very primitive sign language is all we can resort to.

After a three hour bus ride, we arrived at our apartment, but it is small! Very very small. This is no joke, in South Africa were space is so abundant, this apartment comes as somewhat of a shock. It is 35sm at most! I'm just happy that it is aa temporary place, we move on Saturday!!! Hopefully our next spot has a cupboard and an individual shower! Our bathroom is our shower. You close the door and there it is a shower head ... no separate compartment, the drain is under the sink. How bizarre.

We walked around a bit today! It is cold (10 degrees) and rainy but we have been told that the weather will improve later in the week. The sights and sounds of "rural" Korea are very Urban by South African standards.

We meet our school directors tomorrow, this will be an experience!

More photos and blogs to follow!

By: Claudia


Faye said...

So pleased to hear that you got there safe and sound.Looking forward to hearing all about your new experiences as they unfold, missing you already. Faye x

Kelly said...

So glad you guys started a blog and LOVE the photos! Keep it up. Look forward to the rest!!! Love you guys!

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