Saturday, May 1, 2010

The first couple of days, some of our frustrations!

Amazing bubblegum ... this is what we munched on at midnight when we couldn't sleep

Well as you would expect the first couple of days in Wonju (the city we live in) have been quite interesting!

Well, let's get the frustrating things out of the way ... jet lag ... urg! We have really been having a tough time with this. We both seem to randomly wake up just after midnight and then we lie awake for about four hours watching TV before we are able to fall back into a fitful sleep. What's really strange is that we are seven hours ahead of South Africa, so why we wake up at midnight (which would be 17:00 is South Africa) is beyond me. But it is getting better, slowly.

The only other real frustration that we have encountered is not having towels. You would think towels would be an easy thing to find, but in Wonju, they certainly are not. We had originally packed towels, just in case, but due to weight restrictions we were forced to remove some luxuries ... and yes towels were one of them. Luckily for us, Memory (one of Oliver's mom's friends) gave us 2 2010 Soccer World Cup facecloths. These came in handy.

So this is how it went down. You take a shower, in the centre of your bathroom. You then take the facecloth hold it in both hand and proceed to flap it past you ... wind helps to dry you off. You then take the facecloth and try to get the remaining water (which is quite a bit) off of you. After wringing out the cloth a couple of times and repeating step one and two endlessly you run out of the bathroom dive onto the rock hard bed and lie under the blanket watching Korean television until you feel confident enough that you are dry.

So honestly, who needs towels anyway!

And believe it or not this method is actually great, considering that before we remembered we had the facecloths we resorted to blow-drying each other off with a hairdryer. Imagine it now ... both of us butt naked, its freezing cold and all we are armed with is a hairdryer.

I am glad to report that after four days of this we were able to find some towels. They are not thick and glamorous but they are towels, and we are grateful.

By: Claudia


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