Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Seoul experience!

As I mentioned in my previous entry, our weeks have become pretty standardised but as for our weekends ... who knows!!!

Well this past weekend we headed off to Seoul for the Lotus Lantern Light Festival which is held every year a week before Buddha's birthday. What an experience!

Seoul is massive, but I mean MASSIVE. There are high rise buildings everywhere and it has a vibrancy about it that I expect you would find in any big city.

We decided to use the subway to get to where we were going. Looking like real tourists I had my Lonely Planet Book at hand and we were trying to figure out how the subway system worked. After a while of looking a little confused a man approached us and offered to help. What a nice guy. But then he whipped out a book about how to be saved or something .... we soon realised that every foreigner was being targeted. Heehe!

Eventually we figured out where we where heading. Once there we realised just how big this festival really was. People were everywhere. We walked around for the next hour or so trying to find accommodation. After being turned away a couple of times we landed with our bread in the butter. We got a clean room with a double bed and bathroom for close to nothing!!! whooop whooop.

After such an eventful morning we were hungry ... super hungry. After Chrissie and Rob joined us we went for some grub! YUM! The pic below is what was left once we were done. You have to love all the side dishes

We then headed off to Changdeokgung Palace which was amazing!

I set up my gorilla pod in an attempt to get a photo of all of us jumping in front of the palace but it went off too soon and instead we all just ended up looking constipated.

While walking we stumbled across this!!! Hell yeah!!! This kind of stuff really makes me miss home! Bring on the world cup! Whoop whoop!

We tried our hand at some arts and crafts. These flowers are Lotus flowers, hence, the Lotus Lantern Festival.

Oliver has all the amazing pics of the event!!! I just have the cute pics of us ... so here are some of them!

Oli has like a gazillion phots to work through ... once he is done I am sure he will post photos which will blow your mind.
I tried my hand at filming .. heehe. I used my little camera to film so that I could give you just a small taste of what the atmosphere was like when the main lantern parade started. It was really festive. Enjoy!

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