Friday, May 14, 2010

Our daily happenings!

It seems like a long time ago when we were jet setting across the world. I can't believe that we have only been in South Korea for three weeks. It feels like much longer. Anyhow, we have started to develop a routine and it is panning out quite well.

This is what our Mondays to Fridays look like:

Wake up between 7-8 am. After having breakfast and doing the usual amount of faffing we head down to the open sports centre and play some basketball (I am super stiff everywhere from playing yesterday). We want to start badminton as well so that we can get some variety. I guess this is why it is called Healthy Wonju.

We get back to the apartment at about 10:30 looking sweaty and red in the face...and dare I say desperately in need of a shower! We both then do some class prep and surf the internet (it's so fast here...what a pleasure!).

Most days of the week I tend to fade at about I grab a quick nap (what a loser!!!). Once awake Oli and I share some lunch before we head off to school at 13:45.

Then the madness and craziness. Loads of fun and sore feet!!!

We get home just after 20:00.....phew....and then head out for some local cuisine!!!

It is soooo nice to be able to walk around at night and not be afraid. We have taken to doing evening strolls and generally only get back home after 23:00.

We then catch some telly..and then off to bed we go!!!

So we manage to do a lot on any given day!!!! High Five!!!

As for the weekends....who knows where we will be!!!

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