Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Bang Life

Bang Bang Bang....says so much about Korean culture. Bang in korean means 'room' and there is a 'room' for pretty much anything. On our weekend to Seoul we had our first Noraebang experience.

Most people, whether they will admit it or not, have a burning desire to sing. However, karaoke bars filled with smoke and strangers can be understandably daunting. So a Noreabang is the answer, in fact, it is revolutionary. It is a small room just big enough for you and your friends to rock out until your throats are so sore you have to retire.

What's more, it is cheap, accessible, and sells alcohol (so if you still have some reservations when entering the small room, a beer or two should be able to help). The room is kitted out with a mirror ball, a large screen TV, and a selection of songs ranging from Nirvana to Metallica and finally to good old Celine.

Apparently they come a lot more lavish than the one we were in... I look forward to my future Noreabang experiences.

There were four of us rocking out in the Noreabang in Seoul. Check out our rock faces below:

Me, Rock on!

Rob, screaming....which is totally his style!heehe

Chrissie, by far the best singer of us all. She could keep the tune which is more than I can say for the rest of us!

Oliver, the diva! I didn't expect him to take to Noreabang in the way he did!He was really feeling the vibe!
Just to give you an idea of how awesome it was and how bad we were...look at my mini clips! Be sure to watch the last one (Oliver thought the paparazzi were after him).

The only other type of bang we have had the pleasure of experiencing so far is a PC bang, a room filled with unbelievably comfy chairs, massive PC screens and games that will keep you entertained for, well, for ever I guess!
There are many other types of bangs, including: DVD Bangs, Jjimjilbangs, Bideobangs, and Board Game Bangs. When we experience these, we will be sure to let you know how it goes!!!!!
Post by: Claudia


Dumbass said...

Dude! Seriously, Du 'singst' wie der volle Gangsta zu einem Lied von Queen... Wtf?! Aber dennoch nicht schlecht, und damit meine ich das Entertainment-Value, nicht dein Gesangstalent. Wenn ihr wieder geht musst Du ein Video machen von wie Du Nirvana oder Metallica 'singst', d.h. vergewaltigst, und dann hier posten. :-)
Schöne Grüsse und viel Spass!

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