Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Take Away, Korean Style!

Ok, this didn't happen tonight, it happened a couple of nights ago, but hey who cares, right?

Let's just say, we got these last night (we did get some for lunch today).

So you're sitting in your apartment, you don't want to cook, your girlfriend doesn't want to cook and there is quite literally no way in hell you can order food over the phone for delivery because 1-you cannot speak Korean, 2-the guy on the other end cannot speak English, 3- you cannot read Korean, so you can't order off the menu that was stuck to your door, and 4- even if you could order you cannot say or pronounce your own address (even though it's written down on a piece of paper in front of you, Hangul).

So, what do you do?

You step out of your front door, walk for about 4 minutes to a place on your street called Kimbap Nara and ask for some Kimbap. You literally just have to say "Kimbap", and they know what you want, plus the friendly people there know us already.

6000 Won will get you 4 rolls of this heavenly goodness. 2 is plenty for one person. For those of you who don't know (I'm guessing it would be most of you), 6000 Won is equvalent to R39 at todays exchange rate (about 8 pieces of Sushi, then).

So what does this R39 for two people take away dinner look like?

Like this:

This stuff is as tasty as anything, if you like seaweed, rice and vegetables, plus it's really healthy, being made of...yes, seaweed, rice and veggies.

Trust me, next time you're keen on take aways, hit the nearest Kimbap Nara, you won't regret it!


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