Friday, February 4, 2011

Here's an update

Wow, things have been crazy and now is the first time I have a chance to update you on the situation.

My dream was to go to Korea and have one-year without any drama. A year of fun and awesomeness. Yes, a gap year.

Unfortunately, life doesn't quite work that way.

Last Tuesday night I received a message telling me that my mother had gone into organ failure and was in ICU on a ventilator. Things looked grim and the doctor recommended that I get back to SA as soon as possible.

So, that's exactly what I did.

I had no idea what to expect once I got to SA and I didn't know if I would be able to return to Korea. So Tuesday night was very emotional.

I contacted my director and explained the situation, I helped find a substitute teacher, and then I went about packing up my stuff. This whole process very traumatic and I simply couldn't stop crying.

I packed up my class and did my best to write notes to my classes to apologise for not being able to say goodbye in person. This was that moment I realised how attached I had become to my students.

Then I went about packing up the apartment and trying to get most of my stuff together. I threw a lot away. Then, it hit Oliver what was happening and that he would now be alone in Korea....he also started to cry. So, both swollen from tears we went about our business.

On Wednesday we made our journey to the airport and tried our best to remain upbeat but every time I spoke to someone on the phone...the tears started again.

The moment the plane's tires left the tarmac I was devastated....I didn't know if I would see Korea again, I didn't know if I was going to see Oliver for the next three months, and most of all I didn't know how my mother was doing.

I touched down in Johannesburg and met my sister. We made our way to the hospital. My mother was not doing to well. She was still very groggy but for the first time since Tuesday she was lucid. She couldn't talk because of the ventilator.

After two days the ventilator came off but she had to remain in ICU due to being very weak.

Thankfully...she continued to get better. The doctors figured out that my mother has an immune disorder which means her body often rejects that they knew what was wrong they could correctly treat her.

From there she went from strength to strength...being able to sit, then stand, and then walk again. She is now out of ICU and will hopefully be allowed back home on Saturday.

On top of my mother being ill, I got a message from Oliver in Korea that he had fallen badly while snowboarding and had broken is arm. When it rains, it pours.

Once I realised my mother was doing better my attention turned to Korea. Could I go back? I contacted my director who was a little reluctant because I said I would not be able to extend beyond the end of April as my sister is getting married in May.

He took a long time to think and deliberate on the matter and eventually decided I could come back to work on th 7th of March. There were conditions to this arrangement but either way I am happy that I get to go back to Korea and give it the farewell it deserves. I get to do the things I have been putting off (like climbing Chiak Mountain), I get to say goodbye to my kids, and I get to be with Oliver (I am not a big fan of the idea of long distance).

So, for the next three weeks I will be staying with my mother helping her get better and making sure she is strong. If my mother is still feeling a bit fragile by the time I leave then my brother will move in with her while I finish my contract in Korea (and hopefully...if we can save enough...our back packing trip).

While in SA...I will still keep the blog updates...I will write articles I simply haven't had the time to do until now. Unfortunately, due to Oliver's break...he won't be able to contribute for a while.

If you have any questions about Korea or would like an article on something in particular...let me know and I will do my best to help!

So...that is what has been happening! Things have been a little crazy and it has all been emotionally stressful (on everyone involved).

I guess every adventure is bound to have a bit of crisis!


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