Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fan Death....Dom dom dom

Every culture has its own set of myths and Korea is no different!

One of the most commonly believed myths in Korea is fan death!

It is the only country in the world where the belief in fan death is prevalent, but what is fan death exactly?

Well, it is thought that if a fan is left running overnight in a closed room, the inhabitants will die...but why?

Aparently, there are several ways someone can die of fan death, these include:

  • A fan left running overnight will create a vortex which will create a vacuum in the room and deprive the sleeping person of the oxygen they need to survive

  • The fan literally halves oxygen particles by chopping them up, therefore rendering the oxygen useless which will result in suffocation.

  • This is perpetuated by the fact that high levels of carbon dioxide are left in the air (because the oxygen has been all used up ) which will further aid your death through asphyxiation.

  • The fan can cause hyperthermia.

  • The fan actually sucks air away from the sleeping beauty meaning that they will be unable to breath.

Although all of these beliefs are unfounded and have no scientific bearing, they are, like most myths, staunchly believed in. This has meant that fan companies in South Korea have had to add timers onto all of their fans so that fans switch off for certain periods of time during the night so as to prevent any chances of fan death.

Due to the sweltering hot weather at the moment (between 29 -34 degrees) Oliver and I needed to buy a fan for the bedroom. And luckily we have yet to suffer any fan trauma. Phew!

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