Friday, July 2, 2010

Where we watch(ed) the Korea games

So, we've already done an entry on watching soccer games in a sports bar in Wonju and also about going to city hall in Seoul and watching a game amongst tens of thousands of other people(here).

Now I want to show you where we watched some of the other Korea games here in Wonju. There is a sports arena, that belongs to the military's marching band, called Wonju Tattoo, and it has a huge arena, a baseball field, a soccer pitch, a running track and several other amenities. The arena is often used for big events such a public holiday celebrations (when they are called for) and also World Cup soccer game screenings.

What they do, is build a relatively small stage area, bring in a huge crane, and let the crane hold up a very large screen. The screen is rested on and secured to the stage, and that's it. Now you're ready to project your soccer game onto the screen. The awesome thing is that this whole process only takes them about an hour to set up and an hour to break down.

The crowd will usually sit/stand on what is the running track and the basketball courts. There is enough space for at least about 5000 people, although it seems there arent that many die hard soccer fans in Wonju. If it does rain, as it so unfortunately did during our loss to Uruguay, people tend to huddle into the stands of the adjacent arena. The only problem is that from this angle you're watching a reverse projection of the game, which isn't really an issue, as it beats standing in the rain!

Pity our World Cup campaign is over. Koreans really are one of the most hardcore soccer fan nations (when it comes to the national squad), and it was really an amazing experience to be a part of all the festivities and cheering and chanting; and Korea has no shortage of chants which everyone from the youngest to the oldest sing along to!

Good Bye Korea, it has been awesome!
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