Friday, July 9, 2010

Korean music is somewhat odd....but oh so awesome

OK, here goes.

I'm pretty sure we haven't done an entry on any sort of Korean music or any other pop culture realted topics. So, what I will do is introduce you to the wonders of a (amongst others) Korean girl band, called Girls Generation (Son Ye Shi Dea).

They are one of the first Korean bands I was introduced to, by my friend, and fellow Safa, Rob. He felt it necessary to show me what kind of goodness Korean pop culture has in store for us. The first video is the one that Rob showed me the first time, and it's still one of my favourites. I know I probably shouldn't admit to that, but hey I am living in Korea, I might as well embrace the culture.

As is blatantly obvious, the girls are all super cute. But that's a given, even in western pop culture. But what smacks me in the face is not so much the cute girls, as it is the 'cutesie-ness' of the music video. And it's not just this one, it's most of the videos that follow that same sort of vibe. It might be a little more obvious to us, living in Korea, as it's not just the music videos, it's on TV and also, a lot, in the advertising. Funny thing is, it's not just the girls doing it, there is a lot of cutesie-ness, featuring guys in TV commercials. If you ask me, they don't do it half as well as the girls, but then I have a little bias towards the chicks!

Here is another one. This time, pay close attention to the wink-headtilt-smile. It's a often employed tactic to show you how cute they really are...

Rob also did me the favour of introducing me to this guy, MC Mong, who is a Korean MC, and he proves to me that Koreans are able of making really cool, 'regular' music. The song I'm posting is a gut wrencher, but it's a really awesome song. Listen to it, read the subtitles, cry a little, it's OK.

This might have been brief, and not very in depth, but there is only so much of this awesome, small, Asian country's music I can show you. The rest is up to you to go out and find. And yes, I am busy trying to work something out to get Girls Generation to come out to SA to do a tour. It's proving somewhat difficult getting hold of them though. We'll see!

Post by Oliver


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