Sunday, September 19, 2010

Autumn - A time of endless activities

It feels like we have so much to tell and you and simply not enough time to do it in. In the past two weeks we have had several adventures that we are dying to tell you about and there are even more adventures on the Horizon.

You see last weekend we went to the Tattoo Festival and the Hanji (traditional paper) festival which were right here in Wonju. Yesterday we  got to go to Everland (rated the 4th best amusement park in the world) and the next two months are jammed packed with other festivals and events.

This week is Chusoek (Korean thanksgiving) and we are getting to spend this special time with a Korean family which should be a great learning and cultural experience.

So from now until mid-November we promise to be busy busy are some of our plans:

 We will do our best to keep you up to date with our adventures even if it means we have to use some of my snapshots while Oliver works through his photos.

Korea is truly a place where there is always something happening which makes it a great place to live in and an awesome time to visit at anytime of the year because you are bound to find something happening somewhere in the country. I guess what makes Autumn even more special is the pleasant weather and changing leaves (it is my favourite season).

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