Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wonju Tattoo: Photos and Videos

As promised in a previous entry we said we would give you some photos and videos of the Wonju Tattoo Festival.

The local Korean Marching Band

Ladies from New Zealand dancing while the beautiful sound of bagpipes filled the stadium

A packed stadium

The presenter of the show

Now for the videos, all the music you hear is from the people marching so keep in mind they are rocking their instruments while also making awesome formations....It takes incredible coordination. The sound on these videos isn't ideal but it should give you a taste of what we saw:

The local Korean band starts off the show

The Philippines were by far the stars of the show:

The Mexicans were also good fun!

Unfortunately my battery ran out so I wasn't able to record the USA and the Korean Army which were phenomenal. All in all the Wonju Tattoo Festival is just good old fun and I really hope that they decide to keep to keep the festival going because it would be a pity to loose such a wholesome and fun festival!

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