Friday, October 22, 2010

Gorilla Greatness

The Gorilla Pod is one of those super cool things you never thought you would need but once you saw one in action you simply had had to have it.

Now we all know that Oliver is the photographer around here but my Gorilla Pod comes in handy from time to time. Oliver bought the Gorilla Pod for me before we headed off to Ghana (click here to see Oliver's Ghana pictures) which was a week before we came through to Korea.

The thinking behind the Gorilla Pod was that we often travel just the two of us which makes getting a photo of the two of us quite difficult. We figured with the Gorilla in hand we could picture ourselves anywhere, and true's Bob we can!

The Gorilla Pod is super versatile and can wrap around poles and bend in anyway you want it to meaning that you can often get angles that are not possible with just your hands.

I would highly recommend getting this little gadget if you are planning on travelling anywhere! There are small lightweight ones like mine and heavier ones to carry more weighty cameras.

Nooooo, I was not paid by Gorilla Pod to rave on about their gadget rather I just think it is an awesome little device that would be super useful for anyone planning to travel by themselves or with a friend.

Here are some of Korean Gorilla Pod moments so far. The camera was set up, a ten second timer was initiated and boom the photo popped out.

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