Wednesday, October 6, 2010

KCSC Warning

I was about to write an awesome story about Soju when all of a sudden I realised that there is this big blue KCSC WARNING all over our blog. What the hell???!!!!

We still have no idea what is going on or why our blog has been labelled with thie obscene warning! From what we have gathered so far the Korean Government is allowed to restrict information and for some reason our blog deserved a warning! I don't get it, we have only ever had good things to say about Korea.

If anyone reading this has a blinking clue what is going on please let us know....


Claudia and Oliver said...

From what we can gather it is some form of internet censorship in South Korea (so readers outside Korea might not have a blinking clue what I am on about). We are hoping we can sort this out today, but we will continue to keep writing blog entries for you! Please do not be put off by the warning, I am sure this is all some mistake (or so I hope)!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I enjoy your blog! I wiki'd the censorship thing and and it seems they can post warnings to whatever they like! Here is a link to the wiki page!
If it doesn't go away transfer your blog to wordpress.

Claudia and Oliver said...

Thanks for your time and effort! We have had a look at the Wiki page and it was very useful! It seems they are restrictig what we can access more than they are restricting what are viewers can access!

I will give KCSC another call on Monday and hopefully get this all sorted out.

Never thought something like this would happen to us!

Thanks for all the support!

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