Saturday, November 6, 2010

Autumn Amazement

Yes, yes it feels like not too long ago that I was bitching about how stinking hot it was in Korea....and believe me I was telling the truth! But it seemed to go from sweltering hot to rather chilly in the period of two weeks. Do I sound like a woman that is hard to please or what!

But seriously, I was flabbergasted by how quickly the weather changed and to what extent. I thought Autumn was meant to be this time of perfect weather, not too hot and not too cold. Turns out the perfect weather lasts for about a week and then boom, there is an unshakable chill in the air.

To people living in icy places like Canada this might all sound like I am being a pansy, which is probably true, but the fact of the matter is the weather in South Korea in Autumn is equivalent to the weather in South Africa in winter. Temperatures have been hovering around the zero mark (low) and 10 degrees Celsius.

Despite, the cold, this has been my favourite season so far! The mountains have all turned a beautiful shade of red, orange and yellow and the skies have been absolutely gorgeous. Only in the past week have the leaves started to fall and litter pavements and roads with their colour. It is so beautiful!

Just last weekend we were lucky enough to go to a botanical garden (The garden of morning calm) in Chuncheon (which is the most amazing place to be this time of year) and it was gorgeous!! Here are some of my snapshots:

Isn't is spectacular and just wait until your see Oliver's photos....mine just don't do the scenery justice. And with scenes this beautiful I better just keep quite and stop complaining because a little chill is totally worth it.

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