Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Everyday life, conflict and snow

It feels like forever since I last touched base with my beloved blog. Sniff sniff. I am sorry that the blog has been a little neglected lately. There are two main reasons for this. One, since we have started teaching in the morning as well, we have even less time on our hands which means that the blog often suffers (weep weep) Secondly, as we continue to live in Korea less is as shocking or as news worthy as we thought it was in the beginning.

When we got here we were wet behind the ears and knew nothing about Korean culture so every dish, every place and every experience warranted a spot on our lovely little blog. Sadly, as ordinary day-to-day life continues things, naturally, have become no longer worthy of mention on out blog. We have told it all to you already (we wish!).

However, two noteworthy things happened this week. One, as I am sure you have heard, there are some tensions between South Korea and North Korea and two, it snowed on Saturday!

If you do happen to live under a rock, here is a very short clip about what happened six days ago.

Yip, the North is showing some aggression and they had targeted an island which was full of civilians. There has been quite a bit of political talk since then with the US and South Korea still doing their training exercises, Not saying that that is aggressive, and China saying it is not against the idea of a unified Korea. Hmmmm, there is a lot happening up in the blue house (parliament) at the moment. But, to be entirely honest, it has not changed our day to day lives in the least.

We have just kept going on as usual, enjoying the change of season and yes, the snow! YAY!

That said, we are prepared if things do go bad to take the necessary steps to get away from the heat.

But for now, we will just keep enjoying all the beauties South Korea has to offer!

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