Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cover up or dress up.....ummmm

The coolest jerseys (sweaters) ever!!! I had never seen these jersey before I came to Korea and man-oh-man are they awesome!!

So if the picture doesn't make it it plainly obvious the zip of the jersey goes all the way up and over your head...how ingenious....who needs beanies, etc when you can cover your whole face with your jersey. Hilarious!!!

I bought a black and white one not too long ago, but alas it does not have faded eye bits so when I where mine I am literally sitting blind.

My kids are so cute with theirs! They have all sorts of characters and not only does it keep them warm it doubles up as a great toy. They zip themselves up and run around chsing each other. The shrieks of laughter show that these jerseys are revolutionary...needles to say I know really really want a cartoon one instead of my subdued black one. 

Sean as Sponge Bob Square Pants

Kevin, as Batman with glasses

Blue, as a monster

Sam, As some cool looking fly/kid thing

And if you think it is a thing only for winter, think again, in Summer they are available in short sleeves. And if you think they are for kids only you would be wrong once again. Here is a photo of Brock fulfilling all of his superhero dreams....

So folks back home...you better place your orders now...hahaha! It's a blast!!!!

Posy by Claudia


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