Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Heading back

Today I am heading back to the land of morning calm to finish what I started.

The month in South Africa has had its fair share of ups and downs...thank you friends and family for trying to help me where possible!

You will be happy to know that my mother is doing much better. She is still a little sore but you can't compare her to what she looked like a month ago. So now that things are OK on this side I am going back to Korea.

It will only be for a short bit (another two months before our contract ends) but I am so grateful that I get to go back and so good bye to my kids, my friends, the food and the country in general.

When I left in January I was disraught because I did get to do any of these things and I felt as though I was not done in Korea so I am thrilled I get to go back!!!

So..instead of being sad that I only have two months I am over the moon that I have two more months and I am going to live it up Korea like crazy!!!

So you will be seeing a lot more activity on the blog once I am back!



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