Monday, March 14, 2011

Mallipo Beach

This weekend we headed out of Wonju toward the west coast for a farewell party.  I was nervous about going to the beach. Lately, the wind has been strong and nippy (to say the least) and as is the norm the wind is likely to be even less forgiving on the beach. But I was wrong.

We were met by an amazing coastline with the most gorgeous blus skies and just a light breeze. It was the first real sign we have had that spring is on its way.

This was my first time to a beach on the west coast and it was astonishingly beautiful. It was empty with the odd high school student or romantic couple roaming the white sands and the ocean was calm and a rich blue hue. This was in steep contrast to how we experienced Gwangalli and Gangneung beaches in summer which were fairly packed.

We had a braai (or bbq) on the sand and ate and drank like kings. The day was filled with awesome discussions, great food and the type of relaxation you can only hope to stumble on.

As day rolled into night we doubled our beer blankets on decided to make a bonfire and shoot of some fireworks for good measure. What fun!

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