Friday, August 13, 2010

Great Gwangalli Beach

Busan is a large port in Asia and the second biggest city in South Korea. Although it's bigger brother Seoul has a lot to offer (and I mean a lot) Busan somehow manages to balance the relaxed atmosphere of a coastal town with the hustle and bustle of city living! So yes, we love Busan!

If ever you find yourself in Busan but you are not too sure where to stay, may I suggest Gwangan.

Gwangan (like most parts of Korea) has an individuality and a charm that is uniquely its own.

I have never seen skyscrapers so close to the ocean with a massive bridge stretching out over the sea. Gwangalli Beach was really something totally new for us.

When we tell people we went to Gwangalli Beach, many are surprised that we didn't go the South Korea's most famous beach "Haeundae Beach".

Well here's why we didn't:

Haeundae Beach is literally covered with umbrellas and people for as far as the eye can see! It is also more for people that are looking for a spring break type of vibe! So if that's what you after this is the place for you but unfortunatly it was not what we were after.

We were after something a little more relaxed, and Gwangalli Beach was perfect! Although it still has many people on it, it is nothing in comparison to Haeundae. Furthermore, it has a more family orientated, relaxed vibe. The type of place where you take long walks on the beach and try to find awesome sea shells (which we did by the way!).

Here is a photo of Gwangalli at night....spectacular isn't it?

However, one of the most impressive features about this beach is the bridge that covers the entire horizon. They have these awesome little DIY machines where you can take a photo of yourself with the bridge, for free! Pretty cool so we got a daytime and night time one:

Oliver got some great panoramics of the bridge, the symbol of Gwangalli Beach:

Another really cool thing about Gwangalli Beach is that on weekend the road running parallel to the beach is closed and takes on quite a festive atmosphere. There are street performances everywhere including men on stilts, jazz bands and puppet shows. What's more is you can have your picture painted or sketched by one of the many street artists or have a drink at a beach facing pub.

Just a short distance from the beach there is a complex which has tons of amusement park rides. It was here that I realised I am a complete and utter wimp! I screamed like baby on every ride.

Even the giant ferrece wheel got me going, we had such an amazing view (pity I was scared senseless).

We spent most of our days, exploring downtown Busan including the fish market, and the Busan tower (we will tell you more in posts to come) but Gwangalli Beach was a fantastic way to end the day!

It has the holiday vibe down to an art!

Just remember, if you want a budget deal for food and accommodation, go off the main road because if you don't you might find a big hole burning in your wallet.

Other than that, it is a great holiday destination!!!!

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