Friday, August 20, 2010

A glimpse of my little monsters

Here are photos of some of the cool things I have been able to do in class! I haven't got many photos but hey I said a glimspe didn't I.

I enjoy teaching! I alway have. Although I was a little strict in the beggining (I had to show the little guys who was boss) I have now been able to ease off a bit because they are now (for the most part) all doing their homework and treating me with respect! So now it's time to have fun!

With one of my younger classes yesterday we ended up in fits of laughter because they were hiding their arms away and I had no idea where they were it was a serious tragedy but then, as if by some sort of magic, their arms were back. PHEW! what a relief, I don't know what I would have told their parents if they went back armless. It was a lot of fun to be silly and the kids loved it!

I have also started shooting my gun. It is a powerful weapon! My forefinger and thumb make for a formidable opponent.  My strategy is to run around the school going BANG BANG and shooting as many unsuspecting kids as I can! It's fun to see them jump and attempt to retaliate!!! The joys of being a kid again!

Sorry I said I would show you they are, these are some of the fun crafts we have been able to do:

We made monster muffins...URG!!!

We also made some awesome masks!

Although teaching is not always fun...there are days when you want to cry because kids lack enthusiasm, I'm tired, and no homework has been done! But for the most part it is great and an awesome way to take a year's break from your ordinary routine!!!

Being near kids helps you to be a kid again!!!hahaha!!!

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Anonymous said...

It's really always fun to read the smallest detail of ur Korean adventure....Waiting for more!!! :)

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