Sunday, August 15, 2010

A birthday in Wonju

Friday the 13th was my birthday (whoop whoop) and what a great day it was!

It started out quite well! I was surprised with cake, chocolates and flowers at school!!! It was great! By the time the end of the day came I was so stuffed with cake it was unbelieveable!

Little did I realise that the party fun had just begun! During vacation, mine and Oliver's schedules are different. I leave for work earlier and get back home three hours before him. So I was not expecting what came next.

Oliver had littered our entire apartment with postits of him telling me happy birthday and giving me kisses.

The only problem was that Oliver had accidently locked our living-room door (we have one of those weird doors that if you push in the button and close it, it locks). Unfortunatley for me, I had no key so I spent the next half an hour trying to be like MacGyver and attempting to pick the lock!!! That did not work out too well for me! Eventually I had to resort to calling the locksmith! heehe!

And what did I find in the living-room?...even more postits and presents!!! Aren't I special?

Once Oliver got home...we had a quick piece of Baskin Robbins Ice-cream cake. Oh my word!!!! It was filled with nuts, chocolate and all sorts of other yummy things!!!

However, I was hungry for food. The amount of cake I had consumed and made me hungry for something salty.

So we headed out for some samgyeopsal! We went to a local resturaunt which has some of the best tasting pork ever and it was served nice and thick!!! yummy!

After that, we were off to Wa Bar to throw some darts and have some beers with friends!! It ended up turning into quite a crazy night and we only got home after 4am!!! Phew!

I woke up on Saturday still fully clothed with my feet hanging off the end of the bed, I must have passed out! I got up to get some water and found myself laughing when I walked back into the bedroom. Oliver had fallen asleep on top of a bowl of ice-cream cake. The ice-cream had melted and he was covered in the stuff. Clearly he had passed out too!

That's needless to say that we both woke up with massive headaches butthey were accompanied by huge had been a great night, with great people!!!

Thank you everyone for making my birthday a special affair!!!

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