Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What's that noise?

About 6 weeks ago, we had a slight change in our schedules, which prompted us to leave the house considerably earlier to go and do our morning exercise. This was also when a slight change of season seemed to happen. It was right around the time when Korea decided to get HOT AS HELL!

We were walking to Wonju Tattoo, and there were somewhat strange noises coming from the surrounding trees and bush areas. Very rhytmic, humming, buzzy noises. Coming from South Africa, we are used to hearing dozens of different bird calls everyday, and even more so when we go to the bush for a holiday (vacation). So naturally we figured...it's a bird. Being ever so curious, I wanted to see this bird. I started looking...nothing. So the following day, and several times after that I kept looking for this mysterious bird, that makes this ridiculously loud noise, to no avail. Eventually Claudia said to me:"I bet you it's not a bird, it's probably an insect." "Not a chance. I wanna see the insect that can make THAT sound!", I said in my best 'I know better than you' voice.

Weeks kept going by with us not seeing the bird that could make that noise. Until one day we saw the bird. It was a cricket. And a particularly ugly looking one at that. Somewhat of a demon cricket. Very dark brown splotchy colouring, which explains why we could never see them in the trees, with big eyes and a set of transluscent wings. Very eerie looking creatures. But somehow their appearance has explained their sound...very odd.

The noise has been everywhere you go. From 4 in the morning, until quite late at night. It becomes somewhat of an irritating noise, until you just dont pay it any more attention. And as it seems to be cooling off here now, the noise also seems to be slowly fading away. It's sure as hell not a sound I'm gonna miss while trying to sleep at 5.30 AM!

Goodbye dear crickets!

post by oliver


John from Daejeon said...

Are you two "really" from South Africa? I'm just asking because there are 150 species of not crickets there and 2,500 different species of them around the world.

Claudia and Oliver said...

Hey John,
yes, believe it or not, we are in fact 'really' from South Africa. Both born and raised. I do not have a huge interest in insects and am therefor not too sure of what a cicada is. I have never come across one in SA, that I can think of, and them being as small and difficult to spot as they are, it's easy enough to dismiss the sound for that of a bird.
Thanks for the link to the wikipedia entry. It's definitely cleared me up somewhat on the topic!

Claudia and Oliver said...


Can't say I have heard this insect either even though I am from South Africa. I guess living in Johannesburg as oppossed to a bush area has meant that I am not as exposed to them.

They are just so odd sounding!heehe


John from Daejeon said...

Actually, I grew up on a farm, but I've come across more cicadas in the huge metro areas of Houston, Texas, and here in Daejeon and Seoul than I ever saw, or heard, in rural areas.

Children here love catching them in their little nets; however, back when I was a kid, I used to find their discarded moltings much more fascinating.

Lynzi.C said...

Those crikets really scream over their heads.
Think they'll be the most eco alarm clock ever , only if you could set time...
Surprising that South Africa's cooler than Korea, looks hot on TV because of the sunlight!

Claudia and Oliver said...

Hi there Lynzi,

It is hot in South Africa but it is a different kind of hot. Most parts of South Africa (with the exception of Durban) are not as humid as South Korea. The lack of humidity makes the heat easier to handle.

I guess we also took more notice of the bugs here because there was a large absense of any other noises (from animals) in South Korea (or Wonju at least) before these bugs started screaming (as you so rightly put it...heehe).

Thanks for the comment!!!

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